Review of the Lockdown Special Coffee – Dalgona Coffee

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A light, caramel coloured, billowy coffee cloud floating on chilled, white milk of your choice –presenting to you, the coffee sensation during the trying times of quarantine, the Dalgona Coffee.


As India entered lockdown 3.0 on May 4th,2020, I finally gave in to the temptation and tried one of the most viral trends on social media during this pandemic, the Dalgona Coffee. Dalgona coffee has been quite popular online since people were forced to stay at home due to quarantines implemented in most countries as a part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. With a lot of free time on hand, people took to recreating this beautiful drink and soon the fluffy, sweet and extremely photogenic coffee stole the hearts of many.

It may interest you to know that the name Dalgona coffee did not exist before January of this year. On one episode of the popular South Korean Show “Stars’ Top Recipes at Fun-Staurant” that aired in January 2020, TV Star Jung Il-woo was seen sipping a frothy, two-toned drink, telling his viewers how it reminded him of a South Korean street candy named Dalgona. Hence, the name stuck and a new coffee trend was introduced to the world.

So, What is Dalgona Coffee and Why is it Everywhere  Online?

It is a pretty, frothy, two-toned coffee with the fluffy coffee floating on top of chilled (or warm, if that’s how you like it) milk. The recipe looks deceptively simple and the result is an Instagram-worthy cup of coffee.

The Recipe:
  • Take equal parts of instant coffee powder, sugar and warm water in a bowl.
  • Whisk till the mixture turns light, caramel coloured and fluffy (or till your hand falls off from al the whisking!). You can use a hand mixer or just a plain old whisk.
  • Fill two-thirds of a cup with milk and top it with the whisked coffee and enjoy!

Naturally, using the hand mixer will make your life a lot easier than manually whisking the coffee.

My Experience with the Dalgona Coffee:

To be honest, my initial desire to try this viral trend stemmed from the desire to post a beautiful picture of coffee on my Instagram feed. The procedure looked simple enough and having spent a fair share of my time in the kitchen, I was confident this was something I could do very easily.

Having recently moved back to my parents’ home for the delivery of my first child, as is the tradition in India, I had access only to the kitchen equipment owned by my mother and that meant no hand mixer. I had read somewhere that the coffee would require 400 whisks if done manually and that gave me some confidence that I could maybe pull this off with just a whisk. 400 whisks? Easy, right?! WRONG!!

I was off to a great start. Two tablespoons of coffee and warm water in a bowl, I started whisking. Oh! Did I mention I hate sugar in my coffee? So obviously I decided to skip the sugar/sweetener and went ahead and whisked for twenty minutes straight. When I looked down into the bowl my coffee mixture looked the same, a dark brown liquid with a few bubbles around the edges. That didn’t seem right. Hadn’t I whisked 400 times by now?

Worried that I had wasted my time and some coffee powder on a pointless experiment, I did what millennials generally do when faced with a failure in the kitchen, I went to my mom. She took one look at the mixture and suggested that I add sugar and whisk more vigorously. Reluctantly, I added two tablespoons of sugar to the mixture and took up the whisk again.

To my delight, the coffee mixture started turning light brown soon after. With increased enthusiasm, I whisked for ten more minutes. Voila! I had a bowl of beautiful, frothy coffee before me. It was time to assemble the coffee and enjoy the fruits of my labour. In my hurry to taste it, I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful coffee.

Coming to the taste of the coffee, I cannot deny that it was delicious. It tasted quite like home-made coffee ice cream, sweet with a subtle flavour of coffee. The texture was soft and light like cotton candy.

The Verdict:

So, was the Dalgona Coffee worth the hype? It definitely was. It tasted heavenly and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It requires a lot of patience if you are planning to whisk it without a hand mixer. But if you have some free time, it is worth the effort.

However, if you are someone who prefers coffee without sweeteners, you may not enjoy this coffee much.

Overall, I had fun trying this viral coffee trend but would it replace my regular cup of strong coffee without sugar? Probably not.

Tried and tested by The Review Owl.

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