Penguin Movie Review: Keerthy Suresh shines in this lacklustre thriller.

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This week’s Amazon Prime Exclusive release is the Tamil thriller, Penguin, starring Keerthy Suresh. Written and directed by Eashvar Karthic in his directorial debut and produced by Karthik Subbaraj, Penguin is the second mainstream Tamil movie to release directly on an OTT platform after Ponmagal Vandhal.

Penguin (2020) – Picture credits: Amazon Prime Video


A pregnant woman is traumatised by nightmares of her missing first child being tormented by a masked person holding an umbrella. She sets out to find her son and unravel the secret behind her nightmares.

Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Lingaa, Madhampatty Rangaraj, Master Advaith

Director: Eashvar Karthic

Language: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam

IMDb rating: 5.3


6 years after her son goes missing, Rhythm (Keerthy Suresh) is still coming to terms with her first child’s abduction by a masked man. She is now separated from her first husband Raghu (Lingaa) and is expecting a child with her current husband Gautham (Madhampatty Rangaraj). Memories of the events of her son’s kidnapping haunt Rhythm as she tries to settle into a peaceful life with Gautham. Although it has been 6 years since her son has gone missing, she refuses to give up until she finds him. Her search for the kidnapper forms the rest of the story.

Penguin starts on an excellent note. The mood set is that of a spooky, serial-killer thriller. We see a person, dressed as Charlie Chaplin, killing a little boy and walking into the lake with the boy’s chopped up body in a sack thrown over his shoulder and an umbrella in the other hand. The first half of the movie is pretty engaging and suspenseful with some genuinely creepy scenes.

However, as the movie progresses, it fails to keep up the theme and slowly dwindles into an emotional thriller. The focus of the movie turns to the emotional journey of a mother who wants nothing more than to find her son and bring the kidnapper to justice. There are some extremely thrilling scenes in the first half of the movie. This leaves the audience feeling that the movie could have been a very good thriller if only more effort had been put into the serial-killer subplot.

Keerthy Suresh has had to do all the heavy-lifting as the supporting cast leaves no impact at all. Though his performance showed promise, Lingaa fails to captivate the audience in any scene. Madhampatty Rangaraj seemed to have nothing to do in the film and even in his limited screen space was unimpressive.

The cinematography by Karthik Palani and music by Santhosh Narayan are excellent and are the main contributors towards keeping the movie consistently eerie and interesting.

The Verdict:

Keerthy Suresh delivers one of her best performances till date in the Penguin. With a poorly written script and unimpressive performances by the supporting cast, the movie leans heavily on her performance to stay afloat. If you love a good serial-killer thriller this one is not for you.

Viewed and reviewed by The Review Owl

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