Class of '83 review

Class of ’83 Review: A sombre Bobby Deol fails to save this crime-drama.

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TRO rating: 2/5


Red Chillies Entertainment’s Netflix movie Class of ’83 had the promise to be Bobby Deol’s come back movie in the cop movies genre. Despite Deol’s performance doing justice to the serious cop character, the movie fizzles out owing to the mediocre screenplay and direction.

Class of '83 Review
Netflix’s Class of ’83 || Image Credits: IMDb.

Cast: Bobby Deol, Anup Soni, Bhupendra Jadawat, Ninad Mahajani, Hitesh Bhojraj, Sameer Paranjape

Director: Atul Sabharwal

Language: Hindi

IMDb rating: 6/10

Streaming on: Netflix


Based on the book ‘The Class of 83′ by Hussain Zaidi, the movie is set in the Bombay of 1980s. With the increasing throttlehold on the city by gangsters, the cops scramble to bring back law and order to the city. The nexus between politicians and the gangsters adds to the difficulty faced by law enforcement officers. Ongoing mill strikes render many people unemployed and these people join the gangs, thereby increasing the gangsters’ power and hold over the city.

In these circumstances, a righteous cop Vijay Singh  (Deol) sets out to catch and kill all the members of a gang belonging to a notorious don, Umar Kalsekar. But as Singh nears his goal, Kalsekar uses his political connection, Minister Manohar Patkar (Soni), to transfer Singh to the position of Dean of the Police Training Centre in Nashik.

Singh uses this punishment posting to train five bold young cadets to continue his mission by bending the law for the benefit of the people of the city. The movie follows the rise-fall-rise journey of the cadets and their mentor as they try to restore order in the city by shrewdly planning and executing hits on the members of the gang.



Though the movie is inspired by real-life accounts by the city’s encounter specialists of that time, the movie does not do justice to their experiences. The poor writing and mediocre direction become the downfall of what could have been a gripping tale.

The young officers’ rise to fame, cracks appearing in their bond because of ambition and corruption, the breaking up of friendships because of ego and final redemption triggered by tragedy; all these are portrayed in an extremely predictable manner.

The director seems to be in a hurry to tell the story and does not give the audience time to connect with the characters. Vijay Singh’s character is largely left unexplored with just mentions of the tragedy, depression and professional downfall. The portrayal of this complex character is rather inelegant. Additionally, even the characters of the young officers could have been fleshed out a little more to create an emotional connect with them.

Bobby Deol’s performance is the highlight of the movie. He has shown great maturity in his acting. His portrayal of the morally upright cop haunted by his personal tragedy and professional downfall is excellent. However, he has limited screen time and the potential of his character has not been exploited fully.

The supporting cast like Anup Soni as Manohar Patkar, Joy Sengupta as Raghav Desai, Vishwajeet Pradhan as Mangesh Doiphode, Hans Dev Sharma as YP Mathur, Hitesh Bhojraj as Vishnu Varde, Sameer Paranjape as Aslam Khan, Ninad Mahajani as Laxman Jadhav, Prithvik Pratap as Janardan Surve and Bhupendra Jadawat as Pramod Shukla have done a good job too.

The Verdict:

Overall, Class of ’83 is another very average police drama. We have seen many such movies before and this movie brings nothing new to the table.  Bobby Deol has done a good job. However, Sharukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment fails to make an impact on the digital platform with this movie too.

Viewed and reviewed by The Review Owl.

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